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State Adjusting Services exists to advocate for the insurance rights of every property owner, commercial & residential, to achieve the maximum possible recovery of their claim under the terms of their policy. Our experience of adjusting property claims, large and small, has taught us that successful navigation of the insurance claims process is one that simply cannot be accomplished without the experience, expertise, knowledge, and industry tools, no matter the background of an insured.


Our commitment to our insured clients, integrity in claims handling and industry leadership are the driving force of today and into our future. Every property or business owner’s loss and recovery are our primary concerns. We are committed to protecting and advocating for their rights in every loss. Our belief is that every policyholder is entitled to a fair and equitable settlement that maximizes the claim recover they are due.

(630) 297-8136

TRUST is ultimately at the core of all that we do. From the trust we seek to earn from each of our clients to the trust we have earned in the claims industry, to the trust that each of our employees has in our company to always zealously represent our clients within the bounds of their policies and law.
TRUST is also a vital part of what makes State Adjusting Services the industry leader it is today. Not only have our clients come to know and learn of our high integrity standards, but our reputation with the insurance industry as a whole is also one of integrity, which results in maximum credibility on our claims representation.
CUSTOMER FOCUS is our primary concern in all losses. We always ask: “What is the client’s desired end result for this claim?” That helps guide our mutually agreed upon claims strategy.


The State Adjusting Services team has built a stellar reputation with its insured clients through a process built on experience and responsive, skillful, and professional assistance leading to the maximum possible settlement from their insurance companies. In addition, State Adjusting Services impressive history of successful loss adjustments, allowing its insured clients to avoid the long, costly, and painful experience of litigation in the event that the insurer and insured differ on their valuations of damage, is further indisputable proof of its claims-handling value.