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Other than the lives of your loved ones, your home might be the most sacred thing in your family’s life.

Few things in life are more daunting than having to manage a property damage claim to your home, especially if you have never experienced a major insurance claim involving your home. Whether from a fire, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, hail, lightning, burst pipe, flood or a collapse, few homeowners know what to do and where to turn for help in resolving the catastrophe and navigating their way through the red tape of an insurance claim. It is simply not sufficient to rely on your insurance agent, adjuster, and/or company to protect your interests. Your agent sells policies; he or she hasn’t been trained to and doesn’t adjust property losses. Your insurance companies hires adjusters to protect their interests, not yours. You need and deserve professional advocacy and assistance also.

State Adjusting Services has experience in delivering results in all types of damage. The first step in the recovery is connecting with an insurance adjuster and starts with you either calling or emailing us today. Once you make an appointment, we visit the damaged premises and review your insurance policy. The moment you meet with our team, you'll recognize the importance of dealing with a professional adjuster that is ready to get the job done for you.
Hail damage
Damage caused by ice and precipitation.
Storm damage
Damage to property and the building itself.
Wind damage
Hurricane related destruction.
Water damage
Leakage and flooding of buildings.
Flood damage
Flooding of houses.
Ice & Snow damage
Consequences after snowfall.
Fire damage
Consequences associated with fires.
Tornado damage
Help with tornado-related.
Explosion damage
Related to destruction after the explosion.
Vandalism damage
Damage to property and the building itself.

On its own, a disaster to your home can be completely overwhelming. A large property damage claim with your insurance company will only add to the stress. Very few people are familiar enough with property insurance policies to truly understand the coverages, limitations and exclusions of their policy. Trying to manage your insurance claim without an understanding of your policy is nearly impossible. You won’t know why your insurance writes that something is not covered. Why did you receive a Reservation of Rights letter? And what does it mean? Is your loss covered or not?

State Adjusting Services has been homeowners advocates nationwide when it comes to handling property insurance claims. Making sure you, the insured, are getting what you are due based on your policy, not what the insurance company, in its own self-interest, tells you that you are due.

Who will protect your interests? Who will wade through the complexities of your insurance policy, where coverage is provided on page 1 and then modified, limited, or excluded on the rest of the pages? Who will prepare a structure damage estimate with your vision of the scope and damages to your home? Who will inventory your damaged personal property, determine whether it can be cleaned, or whether it should be repaired or replaced? Who will price the damage to your personal property? Because without all those tasks being handled, you will not meet your burden of proof on your claim, and will simply have to accept whatever the insurance company offers.
We advocate for your insurance
coverage rights.