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Who is State Adjusting Services ?

Our commitment to our insured clients, integrity in claims handling and industry leadership have been at the core of our company and continue to be the driving force of today and into our future. Every property or business owner’s loss and recovery are our primary concerns. We are committed to protecting and advocating for their rights in every loss. Our belief is that every policyholder is entitled to a fair and equitable settlement that maximizes the claim recover they are due.

Where is you coverage area?

State Adjusting Services offers a national response across all service offerings. We specialize in bringing resources to bear for clients in Illinois.

Services offered individually or as a package?

State Adjusting Services and its affiliates offer end to end claims solutions. We work with our clients to tailor custom solutions to help achieve claim department goals and outcomes. The majority of our clients engage Claim for multiple services...however we are capable of delivering each service per our client's needs.

Difference from others adjusters?

1. When you hire State Adjusting Services, you get so much more than an adjuster.

2. State Adjusting Services is a team of skilled, experienced and compassionate individuals who will guide you through the entire claim process.

3. There are team members who specialize in every aspect of the claim from initial reporting to coordinating all inspections to processing correspondence and promptly disbursing payments.

4. There is always someone to talk with who is willing to listen and help in any way possible. You will never feel alone.

How will I know when checks are issued?

We completely understand that our clients are concerned about transparency.

We share all correspondence that is received and sent to the insurance company. This includes notification of all payments.

It is also common for insurance companies to send email notifications to policyholders whenever a payment is issued.

It is far more likely that you will hear about a payment more than once than not at all.

(we will help you to recover lost money)
Evaluate the policy coverage
Having a policy provides confidence in the future.
Document all property damage
Carefully inspect all damage.
Establish a value for your loss
Pay attention to the price.
Advocate for maximum benefits
Try to reimburse the maximum amount.
Try to recover lost property
everything will be returned.
Get you paid.
Get the result.