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State Adjusting Services and team have years of experience as public insurance claims adjusters, estimators, appraisers, accountants and attorneys, who over that time have built out an optimized process for getting our clients maximum financial return from their insurance policies, while at the same time taking the stress of the claim off their shoulders.

Following your loss report, your insurance company will employ its own professional yet biased team of adjusters, building estimators, contents appraisers, forensic accountants, and coverage attorneys-all designed to: 1) challenge what aspects of your claim are covered by your policy, 2) establish a scope of damages most favorable to them, and then 3) prepare DETAILED, multi-page estimates all to confirm their position of the scope and value of your damages.

Unless you have a professionally trained, skilled, and experienced public adjuster in your corner, you simply cannot refute their position. So, this, specifically, is how State Adjusting Services helps:

After contacting STATE ADJUSTING SERVICES, we will have our team of experts on-site to begin the field work involved in establishing your position on the claim.
State Adjusting Services adjuster will first evaluate your insurance policy to determine ALL THE COVERAGES AND EXTENSIONS that you have, not just the ones the insurance company’s adjuster wants to tell you about, and will further determine if the limitations and exclusions that the insurance company’s adjuster is telling you actually do exist. He will discuss with you your options in handling of the claim and work together with you to develop a claims strategy that will be used as the roadmap for claims handling.
State Adjusting Services adjuster will then walk the entire loss site with the insurance company adjuster to establish the scope of the loss AS WE/YOU SEE IT, not as they see it.
STATE ADJUSTING SERVICES contents estimator will take an inventory of all the damaged personal or business personal property, and determine what needs cleaning, what needs repairing and what needs replacing, followed by pricing of each and every damaged item of inventory.
Get you paid-quickly and fully!

Unlike other adjusting firms, our team of professionals includes attorneys, contractors, loss consultants, public adjusters, past insurance company adjusters, estimators, real estate professionals, and appraisers. Additionally, our professionals have developed an extensive network of contacts that are brought in on a case-by-case basis to ensure the most professional and comprehensive claim adjustment is performed for our clients.


We are skilled and experienced in recognizing various types of property damage done to your home or commercial property. It’s with years of filing insurance claims for clients that we have seen so many variations of water damage, mold damage, fire damage, hurricane damage, and roof damage. We are ready to communicate our knowledge to you and help your property and family recover from any unforeseen circumstances.

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Our claims professionals work to ensure that you receive 100% of your entitlement. We believe that your settlement should always be enough to cover the full reinstatement of your property. If you are covered for any other expenses such as loss of income, alternative accommodation or anything else we will ensure that it is included in your settlement, according to the terms of your insurance policy.

We provide a fully integrated service encompassing those actions and procedures necessary to guarantee performance of the highest quality during the loss adjusting process, and within the appropriate time-frame.

We advocate for your insurance
coverage rights.